Smart displays

Smart Screens


Wi-Fi or 4G connected Smart Screens can be retrofitted to any existing shelf or attached to one of our own designed shelving units. The screens are integrated within our software to allow users to push content to them from anywhere in the world. 



Our RFID enabled displays allow for brands to market specific items. As soon as the customer picks up item off clothing rack it triggers content to the screen. 



NFC provides the capability to use on any size items. Once customer lifts object off fixture then it triggers content to the screens. All interactions are reordered for analytics and display performance.

Infrared Sensor


Using infrared sensors the display recognizes when an object is removed which the triggers content to the screen.


Smart Screens displaying QR code and Price example for beer and wine!

Infrared Demo at NRF 2019.

NFC Tags at NRF 2019.

Customers can pick clothing items off the rack to trigger content to the screen showing different ways to wear clothing and accessorize it. 


Enterprise SaaS

Globally distributed & hosted on most secure clouds

User Management

Device Management

POP Display Management

Analytical Reporting

Hardware Management

Smart Screens

Interactive Devices


Device Service/Repair


Content Management

Templates: User friendly software provides templates to create and push content

Graphics/Media: Our team of designers can help create content for your Smart Displays

Program Lists & Workflows: Program your content to run on a specific schedule

AI-Based Analytics

Customer Demographics

Product Performance

Display Performance




Infrared Sensor

Facial Recognition: Capture user demographics such as age, gender, glasses, emotions and interests. Our advance technology is in compliant with all laws